The team of professional art historians KURFUTURELAB specializes in the following areas:

  • sale of works NEW MEDIA ART and ART & Science;
  • consultations for artists and collectors;
  • formation and maintenance of NEW MEDIA ART and Art & Science collections;
  • holding auction sales;
  • organization of exhibitions;
  • exhibition architecture;
  • selection of works for the interior (3D, VR spaces).

For bidders on our auctions:

We are ready to become your representative, maintaining anonymity, if required.

We provide service support, taking over all transactions, such as buying a cryptocurrency, opening a personal account in the blockchain to receive and store NFT, bargaining during an auction within the estimate, paying for work in case of winning a bid, getting a work in your account.

Buying a work at our auction means getting a real piece of art for your collection.