About US

Kurfuturelab is a New Media Art and Art & Science auction and gallery using NFT technology, founded by art critic and producer Natalia Kur.

We are engaged in the development and sale of the latest trends in contemporary art. A team of professional art historians carefully selects all works, involving the best specialists in this field. Kurfuturelab is a guarantee of high quality works and world-renowned artists. Our experts work not only with the stars, but are also constantly looking for new, promising names for tangible and intangible investments.

In order to become the new Morozov or Peggy Guggenheim, it is not enough to buy beautiful pictures on the marketplaces. These successful collectors bought work and supported artists who were aesthetically and conceptually innovators. To build a collection that will bring not only money, but also fame, you need a strategy. KURFUTURELAB selects works based on their relevance, also we offer Art & Science works as the most innovative direction in art.