Digital Space Junk

We consider it important to find modern ways to be environmentally friendly, so the topic of the first DSJ auction is ecology on Earth and in space.
Environmental awareness is a value and involves a sensitive interaction with the world. The topic of ecology captures not only people (the number of cancer patients is becoming more and more every year), planet Earth (mass extinction of species), but also outer space (the problem of garbage on the Earth’s orbit).
Artists and scientists are sensitive to pressing issues and problems of society, proposing visionary projects, correcting the picture of the world.
We want to support and strengthen those values ​​that have already formed in crypto communities: the importance of uniqueness, decentralization, gamification, a friendly atmosphere of mutual support, openness for participants with any background.
The main value of the project is the transition from the perception of NFT as funny money to a deeper understanding of the impact of NFT on contemporary art and the strengthening of environmental awareness.
The uniqueness of the works offered for purchase at the auction lies in their cultural value. All works are true art, not design. The high level of expertise allows these works to be identified as having historical value for art, as well as attractive for investment. These works will only become more expensive in price, increasing the social and financial capital of the owner.