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Russian media artist Egor Kraft supported the Folding@Home project

The Folding@Home project uses computers from all over the world connected through the Internet to simulate protein folding. The point is to generate the data necessary to discover treatments that can have an impact on how this virus affects humanity. The software models protein folding in a search for pharmaceutical treatments that will weaken the virus’ ability to attack the human immune system. It’s like mining for bitcoin but instead mining for a treatment to Coronavirus.

Media artist Egor Kraft is currently in quarantine in Austria. The other day, he finished tuning up the computer, which will be used to participate in the Folding@Home project. The device has 16 processor cores, two high-quality NVIDIA GPUs with 11 GB of VRAM each and 64 gigabytes of RAM. The computer runs on Linux, Windows 10 and Mac OS and fits easily in hand luggage.