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Key Persons of Art&Science in Russia: the Movie

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Art Manager Natalia Kur will make a movie about the most prominent Art & Science artists in Russia. Three Russian authors will be the heroes of the half-hour video. They are media artist Dmitry Morozov, known as ::vtol::, the creative association “Kuda Begut Sobaki” (“Where the Dogs Run”), and Dmitry Bulatov, known as the organizer and curator of more than 30 international art projects in robotics, genetic engineering and nanotechnology.

The film will appeal to both ordinary people and sophisticated fans of contemporary art and introduce viewers to the most rapidly developing direction – Art & Science. This area is associated with laboratory research and the latest technology, and contemporary artists are constantly finding new visual aids to express scientific data.

“According to the scenario, the artists must answer only one question, and their opinion will reflect the essence of the direction, its future and will tell about the creative plans of the authors. We will also cover the topic of institutions: we will show the first non-profit exhibition site in Russia – Art & Science Laboratory, as well as talk about master’s programs at the intersection of art and science, ”says Natalia Kur.

The film will premiere from June 5 to 7 during the “EverArt Weekend” festival in Moscow. The theme of this year’s event is “Art at a Distance”. Natalia also became the curator of the Art & Science and New Media Art sections in the festival’s online program.

The directors and producers of the movie will be Igor Garkushenko and Alexey Dvoeglazov, known for their animated project “Marapatsutsa”. Recall that last year, the cartoon entered the program of the Cannes Film Festival as part of the Short Film Corner.

Arthur Konstantinov, a curator of Art & Science projects, will be responsible for writing the script. The participation of such professionals in the work on a multimedia project about iconic artists will allow a fresh look at the dialogue between art and science and combine art, the achievements of science, and modern technological culture.

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